Blue Ghost Tunnel

By on December 8, 2013

The Blue Ghost Tunnel or Merritton Tunnel is considered to be Niagara’s most haunted location. There have been frequent reports of blue mist in and around the tunnel, children’s voices, 19th century music, and physical encounters (pushing or prodding from behind).

The tunnel is located near Gate 12 of the General Motors engine plant, along Glendale Avenue. It is about a 20 minute hike down a gravel road from gate 12. There is small patch of bush between the road and the tunnel but nothing too challenging.

The Blue Ghost Tunnel was built in the 1870s. It was constructed out of limestone blocks from a local quarry and is about 665 feet in length. The tunnel was used as a passage for the great Western Railway system up until about 1915. The tunnel provided passage under the third Welland Canal.

It is believed to be haunted due to several grim events over the years. A train collision a few hundred feet from the west entrance of the tunnel claimed the lives of two firemen on their respective trains. A 17th century Lutheran Church cemetery located several hundred feet from the tunnel was flooded to allow construction of the fourth Welland Canal. Although attempts were made to move the graves an estimated 900 graves still lie beneath the pond today. Finally, a freak accident during the construction of the 4th Welland Canal claimed the lives of 10 men. The accident occurred near the tunnel in 1928 when a steel end post fell during the construction of lock 6.