Brock’s Monument

By on December 9, 2013

Brock’s Monument is a large column monument dedicated to Major General Sir Isaac Brock of the British Army. Sir Isaac Brock was the leader of the British forces in Upper Canada and a key figure in the battle of Queenston Heights in the war of 1812.

Sir Isaac Brock led a charge in October 13th 1812 to regain the Redan Battery located in Queenston Heights. He was mortally wounded during the battle as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest. Brock’s death electrified Upper Canada and is seen as a contributing factor to Canada’s eventual victory over the Americans.

Brock’s Monument is located in Queenston, Ontario on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. It is a 185 foot tall limestone column, topped off with a statue of Sir Isaac Brock. The monument was completed in 1856 and is one of the most prominent monuments in the Niagara Region. The monument is flanked by two large mulberry bushes believed to have been planted in the 1850s. The inside of the monument features Brock’s Epitaph, a list of local donors, and a tribute to the Canadian, British, and First Nations forces of the war of 1812. Brock’s body is housed in a crypt in the limestone walls. The monument features a 235 step spiral staircase, that visitors are allowed to traverse, leading to an observation room at the top of the monument. From the observation room visitors are able to peer out of small portals and view the historic battlefield