Floral Clock

By on December 10, 2013

The Floral Clock is a large working mechanical clock featuring a planted face of annual flowers. The sheer size of the Floral Clock makes it the largest floral clock in the world, even larger than the famous Edinburgh floral clock.

Completed in 1950, the Floral Clock is one of Niagara’s most visited tourist attractions. The Floral Clock is made up of 16,000 bedding plants covering the entire face of the 40 foot in diameter clock. The design is changed twice a year and is determined about a year in advance. The clock is surrounded by an 85 foot long, 10 foot wide water garden. The hands of the Floral Clock are made of steel, weighing in at 500 pounds apiece. The second hand measures 19 feet in length, the minute hand 17.6, and the hour hand 14.6.

The Floral Clock is surrounded by bedding displays featuring some of the region’s most popular perennial and annual flowers. Behind the Floral Clock sits a small tower housing Westminster chimes. The chimes can be heard every quarter hour over speaks situated throughout the display.