By on December 10, 2013

Marineland is a midsized aquatic zoo located in Niagara Falls, ON. Marineland offers its visitors the opportunity to view some of the world’s largest whales, up close and personal. Marineland also features a considerable number of toddler and adult thrill rides.

Several attractions at Marineland have drawn considerable praise over the years. Friendship Cove features Killer Whales frolicking in a large aquatic playground surrounded by spectators. The feature also includes an underground viewing area where you can see these creatures in action. Arctic Cove allows visitors to get up close and personal with Beluga Whales. Similar to Friendship Cove, Arctic Cove gives spectators ideal viewing opportunities, additionally; visitors can feed, touch, and even kiss the Belugas (for a small fee).

Marineland also features a sizable thrill ride area. Thrill rides include the ‘Sky Screamer’, allowing thrill seekers to drop from over 450 feet in the air at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, and Dragon Mountain, the world’s largest steel rollercoaster.

Marineland’s greatest attraction is its shows. The shows feature whales, dolphins, seals, and walruses performing routines, stunts, and various other activities. Most shows follow some sort of theme and are ideal for school aged children.