Mildred Mahoney Dollhouse Gallery

By on December 9, 2013

The Mildred Mahoney Dollhouse Gallery is a haunted house located on the Niagara River in the town of Fort Eire, Ontario. Paranormal activity includes moving doll houses, voices, and strange noises.

The Mildred Mahoney Dollhouse Gallery is located at 657 Niagara Boulevard in Fort Erie, Ontario. It was originally built in 1835 by the wealthy Forsyth family, who owned the property from 1832 – 1865. Also called Bertie Hall, in honor of Sir Pergine Bertie III, the building features 12 foot ceilings and a 22 foot curving staircase. The building was constructed out of brick from nearby Hamilton Ontario and stone from the Niagara River and Lake Erie.

The Mildred Mahoney Dollhouse Gallery has a colorful history. During the years of 1828 and 1865 the building was a main entry point of the Underground Railway. A large tunnel was located in the basement of the building until it was sealed as a result of the owner’s son drowning in the tunnel. To this date the opening has never been found.

It is said that the building is haunted by the spirit of the former owner’s drowned son. Current owners describe incidences of objects moving by themselves, creaks on staircases, voices of children and that of an older man, and various other paranormal activity.

The building is now owned by the Niagara Parks Commission and is accessible to the public.