Niagara Falls Trip – What to Pack

By on December 10, 2013

The following is a list of essential items to pack for a trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.

  • Camera – A camera is by far the most important item to pack for Niagara Falls. The city is has some of the most photographed attractions and locations in the world, making a camera indispensable. Consider bringing a waterproof camera as well.
  • Running Shoes – Running shoes (or comfortable shoes) are a necessity for Niagara Falls travel. Most attractions are within walking distance of each other and easily accessible via walking.
  • Sunscreen – Depending on the time off year sunscreen is a must. The summers are hot, humid, and full of sun.
  • Pain Killers – A lot of sun and walking can lead to sunstroke. Be sure to have those pain killers handy.
  • Sunglasses – Again, a lot of sun in the summer months.
  • Passport – Soon to be the only acceptable form of ID when crossing the border.
  • Clothes you won’t mind getting wet – There are a few attractions that will leave you soaked, having clothes suited for this situation is handy.
  • Map and Guidebook – There are hundreds of attractions, having a map and guidebook will help you navigate the clutter.
  • Cash or Credit – Canadian and American cash is readily accepted. Visa and Mastercard are also readily accepted.

And remember to pack for the weather. Summers are very hot and humid. Winters are cold and the ground is usually snow covered.