Old Fort Erie

By on December 9, 2013

Fort Erie was built in 1764. It was the first fort constructed by the British in Upper Canada. The fort served to protect a vital communications line for the British along the Niagara River. It also served as a supply depot and a port for ships travelling in Lake Erie.

The fort saw considerable action when American forces attacked and captured it in 1814. The Americans increased the size of the fort and fortified their defenses. About a month later the British launched a 4 pronged attack against the fort. The Americans were well prepared and were able to hold off the attack. The British suffered over 1000 casualties during the assault and eventually retreated to nearby Chippawa. The Americans withdrew shortly after the battle to take up a defensive position in Buffalo NY. To this day Fort Erie remains the location of the bloodiest battlefield in Canada.

Paranormal experiences are common at Fort Erie. The most common account is that of a headless man patrolling the grounds, normally accompanied by another man who has no hands. The story goes that during the one month siege on the American occupied fort, an American soldier was getting his beard shaved when a British cannon ball blast throw the barber shop. The blast decapitated the soldier and took off the barber’s hands. Interestingly enough, the body of a headless man and the body of a man with no hands were discovered several years later during an archeological dig.