Wind Sushi

By on December 9, 2013

Wind Sushi is a mid-range all you can eat sushi restaurant located on the west end of the Lundy’s Lane tourist district. It is one of two Wind Sushi locations located in the Niagara Region. Both have developed a reputation for being all you can eat great sushi restaurants at an affordable price.

The restaurant features modern music, appealing to the younger crowd that frequents the restaurant. Clean private booths are located around the edges of the dining room with larger tables featured in the middle. The restaurant is clean, a direct result of the service staff staying on top of cleaning tables as needed. There is limited parking, which can be an issue if you are dining during the lunch hour.

The staff is very friendly and easy to communicate with. Ordering is done by filling out small forms with numbers corresponding to menu items. We have found the form system reduces ordering errors significantly compared to other sushi restaurants in the Niagara Region. Meals arrived in a timely manner after ordering.

The food is very tasty, probably the best sushi you can purchase in the region as far as mid range sushi restaurants go. Presentation was average and varies considerably depending on the sushi chef.

Wind Sushi is very inexpensive during the lunch hour making it a real treat to visit during your lunch break. The dinner is a bit pricey compared to other sushi restaurants in the region, probably the only negative about the restaurant. Drinks are extra, however refills are free.